I wanted to call this site “The Other Blog” originally, but that name was already taken. So, then I tried to come up with words with a “k” sound in them, because I heard somewhere that people like to say that sound and tend to remember names that contain it. Fickle fit the bill.

I regularly post on another site, but when the tarot card reader who I went to today (after being dumped via text yesterday, by someone I’d been dating for the past month and really liked) told me to start writing more than I already was, I decided it was time to start a new site. One dedicated to the perils, ups, downs, and sideways of dating in the City of Angels, starlets, cougars, playboys, yogis, and sugar daddies.  I love my other site and began it over four years ago as an exercise in finding the good and the beauty in my surroundings and life. But, being too nice and finding the good or potential in my dating life has not necessarily served me well, so here we are. 38 and still trying to figure it out.  And something tells me that many of you will be able to relate. Please send me your comments and tell me about your experiences of the tightrope we all walk looking for love, succumbing to lust, letting it happen, trying to force it, biological clocks, freedom, lack of communication, the rules, finding it and what to do then…

Big Love!