Do your weeks have themes? Mine frequently do and though I usually take it as a good sign that I'm tapped into the cosmic joke and have slowed down enough to observe the synchronicity happening around me, it is also strange to know that I'm part of a bigger picture of which I was until then unaware. A few months ago everyone I went out with was a scientist. This week, everyone I encounter seem to be those attracted to money and status or financially secure, but searching for more and unsure why their lives feel lacking.

I had lunch yesterday with a friend who I don't actually know that well but who I've shared some very strange, funny situations with, thereby accelerating the relationship beyond where it would otherwise be. From a financial and professional perspective, he's very successful, but when it comes to the spiritual, creative, and romantic, he has yet to land.

Two nights ago I went on a date with a man who is very successful in his field but who I could feel didn't really know who he was or what he liked or wanted or why he wasn't happy.

Both conversations brought me back to the idea that we attract what we are, not what we want. You want to be with someone who is super fit and healthy? You better be too! You want to be with someone who isn't with you for your money or who isn't materialistic? Let go of your need to win approval or self worth by discussing your net worth or flashing it to attract partners. It will only ever attract one type of person. You want to be with someone who is fun and creative? Listen for those little whispers of joy when you are goofing around and find something, anything, you enjoy making. Or, at least figure out what you really like, rather than what others tell you is cool.

Creative people relate to others who create, spiritual ones to those who believe there is something bigger out there guiding us, and non materialistic women to someone who shares her values.
We are nothing more than little mirrors, reflecting and projecting our own image onto those we encounter. So, if we don't love where we are or what we see or wonder why we keep attracting a certain unwanted type, it's time to get to work!

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