The Irony of Letting Go. 

Shortly after starting this blog, which centers around dating, I stopped caring about dating. Ha!  Like all of the sudden I just didn’t care about figuring it out and making it happen. Any of it. Including the “you’re 38, are you going to have kids or not?” part. I really don’t know why, but the weight of it all lifted and I looked around and thought, “I love my life so much, there’s really no way to go wrong.” 

Being really busy helped. I have been in and out of town for work, traveling all over the country. I am engaged in my writing endeavors and in planning trips and the few weekends when I was in LA were jam packed with friends and events and fun, to the point there was literally no time to think, obsess, manipulate, or worry. Perfect!  

So, here is my new plan for the future. Get rid of plans and time lines! Be so engaged in my life that there is no time to think about what isn’t there and see all that is. Trust. Create. Enjoy. Know that it is all in right timing and what is meant to be will be, it has nothing to do with my “making it happen.”  Truly believe there is no “right” way and keep moving forward on my path. Laugh. Explore. Keep showing up. 

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