Well, that was fun?

IMG_8752So, here’s the thing about going on a bunch of dates with guys who you meet online and may or may not really be interested in for the long run. It’s exhausting! It was fun for a minute; getting dressed up, trying new places, meeting new people, and then, very quickly, it became a total depletion of energy.  I didn’t want to have one more conversation about where we grew up or when we’d moved to LA or how many siblings we had.

So, I’m back to the old fashioned method of seeing who presents themselves in my day to day life which, in all honesty, is really full at the moment anyway. Do we go to the same coffee shop, take the same classes, shop at the same grocery store, have mutual friends, or notice each other walking down the street? Yes? Great! Let’s go from there and see what happens.

It feels good to take a step back, slow down, and just trust that whatever is meant to happen will, regardless of my desire to push it along, manipulate, or manufacture. It’s always good to remember that all I have control over is creating a beautiful life for myself and that at some point I will meet someone with whom sharing it just makes sense and happens with ease and joy.  And, let’s say that doesn’t happen (though it will), I have this amazing life, so, hey, it’s all good regardless!

In the meantime I won’t miss arriving at a coffee place for an 8:30am date with a guy who had already ordered when I arrived (early) and needed to get home to his kids who were still asleep (Yes, that really happened. My fault partly for saying yes to a date at 8:30 in the frickin’ morning). Or the time the guy I was meeting for a late breakfast ordered two beers with his meal and still reeked of alcohol from the night before. Or there was that message from some guy who went on a racist rant about his horrible experience living in NM and working with Mexicans, after which he complimented my legs. So, yeah, I won’t miss any of that.

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